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Production / Beat Design

Bring your humming melodies or beat box drafts to full fruition with an experienced sound designer. Our music producers have over 10 years experience in producing beats on the fly for artists and songwriters. Our production best caters to music genres such as Hip hop, R&B, Trap, Pop, Reggae and Dance hall.  

(Live session musicians, DJs and vocalists available on request) 

ailable on request)


Record your vocals in a isolated vocal booth using industry grade recording equipment and software. For premium results book your recording session with an experienced recording engineer for instant feedback, correction and over all smooth operation.                                                       

(Vocal coach available on request)

Mixing / Sound Editing

Book a mixing session to edit and finalize your recording project to perfection. Home recordings or studio projects can be uploaded for high quality mixing of your audio project.  For perfectionists seeking that major label sound quality, our premium mix service guarantees the highest level of audio quality in the business. Consult with a Diamond Needles Engineer for full details. 


Finalize your mix. Mastering makes your final mix sound loud and complete. Song mastering is required for radio submissions,  digital distribution,  CD manufacturing, video/film production and online streaming. If you want your song project to sound great before it gets released - get it mastered. 


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